Wednesday, December 16, 2015

A Root Cause to Interrogate

Welcome to my blog, visitor! As what a courteous person does, allow me to introduce myself. I am Justin Shem B. Tuazon; currently taking up the course of Mechanical Engineering. I fancy playing piano as part of expressing myself and suiting my melodic craving as well. As a student of Don Bosco Technical College, I have obligated myself to create this blog to widen the radius of my environmental awareness and analyze further the social issues the world presently encounters.

To start off in my blog, I plan on tackling upon a root cause of economical deficiency to grill. Overpopulation.

Though urbanization is actually a good sign for a country's progress towards advanced technology, the economical growth must increase as well as the two mentioned factors are directly proportional to each other. Otherwise, it will not be urbanization that is developing, rather, it is overpopulation.

In order to solve the problem on economical deficiency, we need to address the root cause which is overpopulation. Overpopulation to urban areas trigger the following events:

(Diagram by: Justin Tuazon, Mathias Lim, and Paul Pernites)

Because of this root cause, the following cause and events on the diagram above has deepened and may be possible to unwind the problem.

According to an article in The Atlantic CityLab, the scientists observe urbanization to be connected with monetary development in the course of recent studies. Tripling a country's GDP for every capita expands the urbanization rate by a normal 20 percent. They also found out that the whole world has urbanized in an intense manner in the course of recent years; despite per capita pay level by 25 to 30 percent.

With over 11.9 million residents, Manila is one of the largest mega-cities in the world. But the Pihillipines' GDP per capita is less than $1,300 per year.